Are you the one who thinks the kids’ room can never look neat and organized?

Do you feel exhausted, tiding it every single day, and yet you will be welcomed by the same mess, again the next day?

Don’t worry these children bedroom storage ideas & organizing tips will make your life easier.

Kid drawing in book with color pens on floor next to her

After all, it’s kids’ room and will never be as we see them in those model homes.

We can still achieve a decluttered look if we teach kids to maintain the room after you have organized it for them the first time.

Trust me it is not as difficult as it sounds.

I have seen my friend’s daughter who is 3 years old, cleans her room every night. This is because my friend has taught her to do so.

So let us get into understanding what are the various kids room organizations ideas that you can incorporate at your home.

To begin with, let us make a broad list of items that needs our attention in the room:

– Clothes

– Toys

– Books

– Art supplies

– Accessories

Now, let us tackle each segment one by one.

1. How to organize clothes in the kids’ room

Irrespective of whether you have a son or a daughter, kids’ clothes can further be subcategorized into below items:

– Frocks

– Gowns

– T-shirts

– Shorts

– Pants

– Home dresses

– Suits

– Shirts

– Jackets

– Winter wear

– Inner wear

Use hangers for Frocks, Gowns, Shirts, Suits and Jackets.

Fold and store T-shirts, Shorts, Pants and Home dresses.

For these folded clothes you can either use drawers or baskets.

Make sure to store the folded clothes vertically, so that you can see all the clothes.

Folded clothes in drawer to keep kids' room organized

Labeling each drawer with the name of the category of the clothes will save you time when you are in a hurry.

This will also help kids in remembering where their clothes are, and they will develop a sense of being organized.

Storing clothes on color basis will not only make the closet very attractive but also helps you in remembering what color clothes to buy or not buy next time you go shopping.

Fun fact: I have 10 tops in black, which I did not know until I started organizing my clothes on color basis. I don’t think you want to do the same mistake.

Get a drawer organizer for innerwear. This will help you in storing a lot of items.

Click on the image below to get organized.

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Since winter wears are seasonal, I would recommend you store them in vacuum bags. (a) This takes less space in your closet. (b) Your clothes will be clean and dust-free.

This has saved me so much space in my closet.

2. How to organize toys in the kids’ room

Well, here comes the most challenging category AKA kids toys storage.

Lets begin with the list:

– Soft toys

– Board games

– Puzzles

– Cars

– Barbie dolls

– Small toys

– Collection toys

– Sentimental items

Get a basket with lid which can slide under kid’s bed to store the toys which they use on a daily basis.

You can also store small toys in similar fashion.

Toys storage box

Up cycle and label those carton boxes to store board games and puzzles.

You can even store these in vertical hangers. Stack them in such a way that you will be able to see the names clearly.

You can wall mount a few baskets above window frame and store you sentimental toys. These toys are special to you more than your kids.

Soft toys storage

If there is enough storage space in kid’s closet, dedicate a wicker basket to dump all the soft toys.

You can also take up a DIY project with PVC pipes to create a storage space for soft toys.

This diy toy storage idea will be unique to your home.

This can be used for multi purpose like storing craft supplies, footwear, toys etc.

DIY toy storage idea for small space

Let’s say your daughter has a huge collection of Barbie dolls, convert your door organizer into a Barbie doll rack.

You can buy it here, by clicking on the image.

On the other hand, if your kid is a car or bike enthusiast, you can use a wall-mounted magnetic strip to park his cars.

Magnetic toy car storage idea for kids' room

Similar one is available below.

You can also have a display unit on the wall for cars, bikes, and collection toys. ( I love to have Marvel superheroes collection someday :P)

Car display

You can even have a ladder storage unit in the room to display few toys.

If you have any other specific toys which need storage space and if you are not able to find a accessible place, reach out to me and I promise to give you a solution to it.

3. How to organize books in the kid’s room

Books can be of different types. They can be:

– Story books

– Writing books

– Visual learning books

– School books

For school books and study material, I would highly recommend you create a dedicated study unit or study place for kids.

This again will make them being organized and they will automatically get into study mode when they site here.

Study unit in kids room

If you want a creative bedroom to be designed for your kids, click here right away and book a consultation with me.

Having a dedicated place for each task is also believed to improve productivity in the long run.

If your kid is really young and is just learning to write or rather scribble, get a black or white board installed on one of the walls at the height reachable to the kids.

Make sure to write on this board in front of your kid. They will just learn what they see.

Black board

This will avoid you the pain of repainting your house in next few years.

You can store the story books in this kids of racks.

This type of spice rack will also act as a good store space for books.

Book storage idea for kids' room

The ladder and verticle storage mentioned under the toys section can also be used to store books.

4. How to organize art supplies in the kid’s room

Art supplies can include a lot of stuff. They can be:

– Drawing books or sheets

– Painting canvasses

– Color pencils and sketch pens

– Painting brushes

– Craft paper and chart paper

– Washi or decoration tapes

– Woolen threads

– Glue

– Other small supplies

Dedicate few drawers exclusively for these items. Drawers are the most practical place to store these kind of items.

For paint brushes use an unused mug for storage. Or you can do a DIY brush holder like in the below image.

DIY paint brush holder

Wicker baskets is a good option for all small art supplies.

Keep all the craft or art paper rolled and stored vertically.

Chart paper organizer

Having a stand like in the below image is a good idea to store drawing books and canvas.

Drawing books and canvas stand

5. How to organize accessories in the kids’ room

This collection is very subjective. Not every kids’ room will have all of these.

Accessories list can include:

– Hairbands, hair clips, ribbons, etc

– Earrings

– Watches

– Shoes or slippers

– Socks

– Napkins

– Belts

For hair accessories, I would recommend doing some DIY storage. A simple hook rack should also solve the purpose.

Hair band organizer

Even the earings can be stored in a DIY box.

DIY Earing box

Watches and belts should go inside a drawer. (I’m assuming this won’t be in big numbers, at least not in a kids’ room :P)

Socks can be rolled and stored in drawer organizer.

Girls have an obsession with footwear, irrespective of her age. Let us just accept it and make room to store them.

Either you can place it in foyer or inside kid’s closet by using this kind of shoe organizer. This saves a lot of space.

shoe organizer

You can buy one for yourself by clicking on the image below.

Or you can place them in the door organizer. (Remember the one I suggested above to store Barbie dolls).

You can use the DIY pvc pipe storage unit for footwear as well.

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Hope these ideas will help you in keeping your kids’ room organized.

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Have I missed out on any item? Let me know in the comments below and I will add that to this list.

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