Kitchen is one of the most used area in any home. Keeping is organised becomes very challenging unless you are a very organised and process driven person.

In this post I will talk about few processes and tips to keep your kitchen organized.

Ever since I started following these steps I don’t spend more than 10 mins to clean the kitchen and make it presentable.

Organized Kitchen

To begin with let us make a list of storage places we have in kitchen.

1. Below the counter cabinets (BTC)

This includes all the storage space that is available below the kitchen counter. Be it shuttered cabinets or drawers, let’s call them BTC.

2. Above the counter cabinets (ATC)

These are the wall units above the counter.

3. Tall unit or Pantry unit

If there is not enough place to have a dedicated pantry in the kitchen, most of the small kitchens will have a tall unit.

4. Semi-tall unit

Based on the space availability and client requirements a medium sized unit will be designed.

semi tall unit

5. Appliances unit

This is generally above the counter medium sized unit with rolling shutter.

This is used exclusively for various kitchen appliances.

Appliances unit

6. Sink unit

The storage unit below kitchen sink. I will tell you how to use it effectively in a while.

7. Open units

Above the counter cabinets without shutters.

Open unit in kitchen

8. Spice rack

Small 6″ open unit on the either side of chimney for the easy access of spices or frequently used items.

Spice rack in kitchen

9. Loft

The entire storage that runs above wall units till ceiling.

Now we know what are the different cabinets that are available for us to organize item in our kitchen.

You can always use this as guidelines and modify according to your kitchen size.

Smart Kitchen Organization Ideas

1. Plates

Bigger plates can be stored in a drawer with a thali basket in it. Where plates are stored vertically and we take them out without much effort.

You can even place them on a rack inside shuttered cabinets.

Plates on metal rack for better kitchen organization

Snacks plates can go into a separate drawer along with a few daily used tumblers or glasses. This drawer fitting is called a cup and saucer basket.

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2. Serving bowls

I would recommend keeping them on shelves in BTC. These bowls are generally on a little heavier side, hence shelf is a better option.

Serving bowls on racks for a organized kitchen

Use a metal rack for extra space on each shelf.

3. Pots and pans

These can go into your tandom boxes (Drawers which are meant for heavy items).

Get a removable rack with partitions and store them like files.

Hanging them is an other smart way to store them.

Pots and pans hanged in kitchen cabinet

4. Pressure cooker

This should go on shelves. If you have multiple cookers like me, keep all the gaskets and whistles on the lead after washing them, so that you won’t get confused which one goes where 😛

5. Packing containers or Lunchboxes

Drawers are best for this. Close the lids and stack them.

Or do your own drawer organizers to store these boxes like in the image below.

Lunch box storage in kitchen drawer

6. Spoons, forks and serving spoons

All these smaller items goes inside top most drawers next to the stove.

Get a drawer organized for this.

Cutlery tray

This drawer has to be next to the stove and not below your hob. Why? Because this is one of the most commonly used drawer and you want to access it easily while cooking.

7. Baking utensils

Keep them all in tall unit of pantry unit. Hang those measuring cups on the inside of the tall unit door.

Baking supplies in kitchen

Stack all those cake tins on a rack. All small items like piping bags and spatulas in a drawer with drawer organizer.

8. Seasonal utensils

These are the rarely used utensils, you can keep them at the back row in your tall unit.

9. Coffee mugs, cup & saucer, dessert bowls

Keep your daily coffee mugs on a mug holder on one corner of your countertop as you will need this very frequently.

Coffee mug holder in kitchen

Cup & saucer and dessert bowls can go inside your crockery unit if you have a separate unit for that. If not place these items in your wall units.

10. Storage containers

Keep heavy storage container at the bottom shelf of your tall unit.

Keep the most frequently used items at your eye level.

Rarely used items on the top shelves. Keep this in a removable tray or basket, so that you can just pull them out easily.


11. Storage below sink

This is the most cluttered and neglected area in the kitchen.

Get few racks to organize this area like in pictures below.

12. Cleaning supplies

Having a broom closet will make your utility look extremely organized.

Broom closet in kitchen

If you don’t have space for this entire unit, you can at least hang your mops instead of storing them on floor.

Pro tip:

As far as possible use the transparent containers.

Label all your container.

Use covering sheet at the bottom of each shelf.

Most useful kitchen appliances that you must have

Other than the basic hob, chimney, refrigerator, mixer, wet grinder, kettle, toaster, coffee maker and hand blander here are few other appliances that I personally use and just love them.

1. Dishwasher

Just like most of you, I was very skeptical about buying a dishwasher.

Until one day my husband surprised me by gifting it.

Obviously I was not happy with this gift, I thought it was an absolute waste of money, it won’t be useful for my Indian cookware and it will consume a lot of water.

I was not even ready to learn how to use it.

And then my maid went on an unannounced vacation, you can guess what happened next.


I finally started using the dishwasher and it’s been 2 years now and there has been no looking back.

I use it every single day now. Best part, it consumes less water than my what my maid used to use.

And I get sparkling dishes washed in hot water and extremely hygiene.

Except for my 10 ltr pressure cooker which is not made out of stainless steel, all other dishes can be accommodated.

I highly recommend dishwasher to everyone.

2. Smart cooker

I din’t even know something like this existed until December 2019.

I really don’t know how my husband finds these super cool kitchen appliances.

smart cooker in kitchen

Just like dishwasher, I received an amazon parcel one day and I literally screamed when I saw the price tag. ( Old school thoughts you see)

Since it was already delivered to our home and I had learnt to accept that my husband has good choice ( including choosing me :P) I started using mealthy cooker.

It has 9 preset programs for automatic cooking. Super fast and does not consume too much electricity.

My LPG consumption has come down very drastically.

Best part is timer, I can keep everything ready in the cooker and set it to delayed cooking. So food will be ready at desired time.

One of the best investment till date.

3. Cold press juicer

The taste of juice from a cold press juicer is nowhere close to the taste of juice from a normal juicer.

Cold press juicer

If you are someone who consumes a lot of fresh juice, this is worth buying.

Tips to keep in mind

1. Unpack groceries as soon as you get it.
2. Keep a plate or paper next to you while chopping veggies or fruits to throw waste, cleaning counter becomes easy.
3. Have a small dustbin in the kitchen.
4. Clean kitchen counter at the end of the day.
5. Do the dishes at night.
6. Keep veggies in separate storage bags.
7. Label your containers
8. Use drip rack for cups and smaller plates
9.Notebook on the fridge door
10. Keep a wicker basket for veggies that won’t go into the fridge.

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