With many unexpected changes in the world, and most corporate companies asking their employees to work from home, the need for having a home office has kind of become the order of the day.

With most of us working long hours in front of our system, I can’t stop emphasizing the importance of having the right kind of home office desk and chair.

Flat lay of laptop, pen holder in a home office

If you are planning to set up a home office, you are in the right place! Stay tuned to learn all that goes into designing it.

1. Decide on the location

What I mean by location is, where exactly would you want your home office to be set up with in your home?

Do you have an extra room which you can be dedicate for your work alone?

Is it going to be a small section of your room?

Work desk with a wide window to the left of it in a home office

Or, if you are running short of space, is it going to be your dining table?! (Now don’t laugh, I know a lot of people doing this πŸ™‚

Preferably, select a place that has better lighting. Natural light is always better.

Also, if you are someone who has to take a lot of calls, a closed space is better to avoid disturbance. All of you young parents know what I mean.

2. Home office design layout

Oh, don’t worry if you are not an architect or an interior designer! Making a floor plan is not rocket science.

You will just need a measuring tape, book and pencil to start with.

Just measure the room which you plan to convert into your work den.

Have a basic furniture layout drawn. This is just to make sure you have a comfortable space for your movement.

Flat lay of ruler, book and pencil

Most importantly, you will have to place a desk and chair. If you have room, you can even consider having some storage space as well.

If you have a window in the room, place your desk facing the window. This is to get some natural light and to have a change in view.

You eyes needs a break from white screen every 45 mins once at least.

If its inevitable to have a desk facing a wall, have a pin up board or some motivational posters, even a picture of nature will also relax your eyes.

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3. Get a desk and a chair

Even if you cannot follow any other tips while setting up your home office, you might not want to miss this. Having the right home office furniture is very very important.

Please avoid working sitting on your bed with your laptop literally on your lap. This will cause a lot of health issues in the long run.

Having right ergonomics is very very important.

Chair and desk at home office setup

Your home office table or desk should not be lesser than 2’6″ in width. 4′- 5′ width is a very comfortable one.

The height of the table should be 2’6″ and nothing more than that.

The depth can vary from 1’6″ to 2′.

The arm rest of your chair should be 3″-4″ below your table.

It is recommended to have a chair with a comfortable back rest. Chairs with head rest are even more comfortable in a long run.

4. Place to meet clients

If your nature of work requires meeting clients or business partners, you might want to accommodate few more chairs or a couch at your home office.

Home office with place to meet clients

This might not be a must for most of you, so take a call based on your job profile.

5. Provision for storage

Invariably we will have something or the other work-related stuff to store, so why not have a dedicated space for all of them in your office space?

You might want to have an accessible place for your printer, in-tray, scribbling pad, post-it notes, pen holder, reference books, and so on.

Room with working station and storage unit

Having over head cabinets can create a good amount of storage for you.

6. Use technology to your advantage

Go wireless as much as possible. From router to mouse all your gadgets can be wireless.

Have a docking station with bigger monitors to reduce the stress on your eyes.

Wireless work station set up

If you still have wires, use a wire manager to hide all these wires and make your desk appear organized.

7. Give it a personal touch

After all it is your home, don’t forget to get some element from the rest of your house into your home office space.

You do not want it to be too corporate and isolated from the rest of the house.

Placing a family photo or your favorite plant on your desk or even something from your travel will do the trick.

Work desk with personal touch

Having the right home office paint color is also an important aspect of designing. You can learn about it in the below article.

“10 best home office paint colors to improve your productivity”

You can even incorporate the elements of a zen space into your home office to bring in that calm and relaxing mood.

“How to create a perfect zen space at home”

Home office design inspiration

1. Small home office design

Small home office design

When you are running tight on space and having a small home office becomes inevitable.

You can draw your inspiration from the above picture where a simple wood shelf serves as your office desk and a comfortable wooden chair with few soft pillow is good enough to start with.

The hanging wall shelves not only gives extra storage space but also looks pretty with the plants on it.

You can also opt for a wall hanging organizers to keep your desk clutter-free.

2. Modern home office idea

Modern home office idea

This is a beautiful example of how a modern home office would look like.

Use of black furniture against all white wall and floor enhances the beauty of desk and storage unit.

Not having any storage touching the flooring makes the place look light and sleek.

A designer light from the wall acts as a focal point and focus light when needed.

Minimal use of plants breaks the monotony in the colors used and adds life to the space.

What is not there to love about this look?

3. Mid-Century home office design

mid century home office

How many of you are a fan of mid century furniture like me?

This wooden desk is so classic that it can go with most of the interior design themes. As it is a movable piece you can place it anywhere.

That chair is another collectible piece.

Accessories your table with few items like the lamp and radio and be ready to be transported back in time.

4. Farm house themed home office

This set up is so simple yet so appealing. White frame with wooden top for the table makes it vintage automatically.

Doesn’t that chair look so comfortable to sit and work all day?

When you are sitting in such comfortable set up, you might forget that you are working, so putting up a board telling “Office” is a very good idea πŸ˜›

5. Modern Boho chic home office for her

This home office decor is so meant for women entrepreneurs.

So did any of these home office design ideas ring a bell?

Tips to design your home office

So, was this article useful to you? Will you implement any of these tips at your home? Do let me know in the comment box below.

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