I was asked by a dear friend recently, to suggest some ideas to decorate his daughter’s bedroom. He specified that it has to be temporary set up and easily removable as it is a rented apartment.

This gave me the idea to write this post where I can talk in detail about the various ideas to decorate a kid’s room in a rented home which is budget-friendly and not permanent.

Collage of three kids room pictures with a text reading "Kids room in a rented home"

17 creative ideas to decorate kid’s room in a rented home

1. Movable furniture:

You might have a wardrobe which was provided by your landlord, but when you feel like adding more storage to your kid’s room go for movable furniture.

Movable storage units

A small chest of drawers or a open cabinets which can house baskets like in the above picture can give you that additional storage space that you were looking for.

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2. Have an area rug

Are you worried about that boring flooring in your rented home? Are you scared that the flooring is too hard and your kid might fall and get hurt?

Area rug is you budget friendly solution. It covers up that not so good looking flooring, it can bind the theme of the room and is also safe for your kid to play on.

A black and white kids bedroom with bunk bed and area carpet.

3. Add a customized curtain

Curtains are the easiest way to give a facelift to any area. Adding customized curtains to your kid’s room can give it a personal touch.

These are changeable without much difficulty and are totally pocket friendly.

curtains with animal print in kids room

4. Have a art display wall

As your kid grows up you will have a lot of art work made by him or her. It is a nice feeling to look at them daily. Instead of tucking it inside some folder, put them on display.

Of you do not need anything fancy to do that. All you need is string of thread, a stick for support and a few paper clips.

Take a look at the image below and you will understand what I mean by it.

Creative way of displaying art work in kids room

5. Canopy bed in your kid’s room

It is relatively easy to create a canopy around the bed without spending much. It is also not a permanent structure and can be shifted with your cot the next time you move to a different house.

This will also give your daughter a feeling that she is truly your little princess.

Canopy around cot in kid's room in a rented home

6. Customized mirror

Take up a DIY project with your kid and make them decorate a mirror for their room. I’m sure they will love this idea.

You can identify what your kid is passionate about and incorporate that into the concept. For example cars, lego, sea shells, feathers, lace, etc. Ideas are infinite.

I have a detailed article on various DIY home decor project for you to explore.

“Unique DIY home decor projects to explore during home quarantine”

Mirror decorated with toy cars around it

7. Fairy lights

This is one of the cheapest ways of adding warmth to a space.

These LED strip lights are easily available and very easy to install. You can either use warm white or multi color based on the theme you choose for your kids room.

Having them around the bed or on the curtain looks very magical.

LED strip lights around cot

8. Introduce bright colors

Kids love colors, Period! Even if your rented home has neutral colors it is possible to uplift the mood of the child’s room without doing any changes to the walls.

What if you have a strict landlord who will not allow you to touch the walls?

I have an easy trick to fix this problem. Bring in some super bright movable furniture, or a chair, or even just a few cushions and rug.

Voila! your child does not have a dull room anymore.

colorful set up to brighten up dull kid's room in a rented home

9. Garlands on walls

Yet another DIY project for you and your kid. If you are not a DIY person, you can buy them at any craft store or on amazon.

You can place them on walls, at the study table, on the ceiling, for the windows.

This again gives that personal touch to your rented home.

These garlands can be of paper, wool, thread, shell, crystal, etc based on your preference.

Garlands in kids bedroom

10. Movable study unit

The study unit is kind of a must in all kid’s room. Instead of having a fixed unit go for a movable table, which you can use in any house you move to.

Add another vertical stand-alone unit next to the table to act as storage for your kid’s books.

Movable study table and storage unit in kids bedroom

11. Removable wall stickers

Bring in some elements and character to that plain wall by using removable wall stickers.

You get them in many different shapes and patterns.

Removable stickers

12. Use small shelves

Having small shelves come in handy to store books, or small toys, or even stationery items.

They do not take too much space and can be hung easily.

Shelves on wall to store books

13. Hang a tapestry

You can transform your kid’s room based on the theme just by using a tapestry as a backdrop.

Its as simple as hanging a curtain.

14. Upcycle your old furniture

You might have some old pieces of furniture which you wanted to give away. Why don’t you upcycle it to create something useful for your kid’s room?

You can learn how to make a dollhouse from your old furniture in this article.

15. Use washi tapes to get creative

These tapes are removable and won’t chip paint when you remove the tape. They are available in numerous colors and patterns.

Washi tape wall decor

You can find many creative ideas in the below video.

16. Tented bed for your little one

Oh, kids will love this. Get a tented bed for them. Not too expensive, easily movable, can get away with it as your kid grows.

tented bed in kids room

17. Introduce plants

Yes, you read it right. Have plants in the kid’s room. Select some low maintenance plants and place them in your kid’s room.

Teach your kid to water it regularly. Trust me they will love the idea of taking care of something.

planter placed at one of the corners in kids room in a rented home

So to sum it up, these easy and pocket-friendly ideas will transform your kid’s room at your rented home into a personalized cozy den for your kid.

How do you like these ideas? Will you implement any of these? Do let me know in the comments box below.

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