Bohemian style of interior designing is gaining a lot of popularity in recent days.

If you are wondering what does Bohemian style or theme mean, here is the answer.

The word Bohemian refers to a style which is not by the rule, unconventional and unorthodox.

Boho style living room

Within the Boho style, there are two subgroups: One which believes in minimalism and the other in maxim ism. You can choose whichever concept you believe in.

The minimalist Boho home will have clean lines, neutral colors and natural material.

While maximist Boho home represents bold colors, geometric lines and loads of textures and patterns.

Irrespective of what you choose, basic principle remains the same.

Boho style is something that defines the place as cozy, inviting, creative, and unique.

When you enter a Boho themed home you will feel relaxed and feel it is world class.

There are few items which you cannot miss noticing in every Boho home.

These items are the main elements that you have to include while you decorate your Boho home.

They are:

1. Macrame

This is one of the most widely used element in all Boho home.

Macrame wall decor in Boho bedroom

You can include macrame as a wall decor, plant holder, coasters, swing, pillow cover and so on.

They have a very special character of making any place unique.

Here are some of the macrame items that I love.

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2. Plants

Plants are an integral part of any Boho home. They bring in a lot of positive vibes.

Plants enhance the beauty of any space. You will be welcomed with a sense of liveliness.

Plants in Boho home

3. Natural wood furniture

Natural wood, especially lighter tones of wood looks fabulous in a Boho home.

They blend in beautifully with neutral color walls. And contrast well with the plants.

These items below are such classic Boho elements in natural wood.

4. Rugs and Carpets

Boho homes are always filled with multiple layers of patterns and textures. Surprisingly, they don’t look crowded or over done.

Carpets and rugs blends seamlessly into this theme.

Be it a Persian rug or an Ikat carpet, anything with bold colors and patterns will look beautiful.

Bold carpet in Boho home

I feel these rugs are such value for money products to increase the Boho element in your home.

5. Leather furniture

Not just natural wood furniture, but leather furniture also looks very nice in a Bohemian home.

Particularly the tan color is just perfect in this style of interiors.

Leather sofa in Boho home

6. Reclaimed or repurposed items

Who says you should always spend to get that most fantastic Boho look.

You can reclaim or repurpose some of your old furniture into something totally new.

For example, the center table in the below image.

Reclaimed center table

7. Go Bold

If you prefer bold over neutral color, do not hesitate to use them.

Use a bold wallpaper, or a carpet, or anything that you please to have, it will all still compliment in its own way.

Bold colors in Boho

8. Cushions and Floor pillows

Most economical and colorful element to achieve Boho look in any home is by using cushions and floor pillows.

As Boho style is all about having a comfortable and relaxed feeling, floor pillows and ottoman are perfect for this.

Floor cushions at Boho home

You can find similar cushions below.

9. Wicker Chandelier and wall decor

I just love the way wicker wall decors shouts Boho.

Wicker baskets wall decor

Wicker chandeliers are a statement piece by themselves which are meant for Boho homes.

You will agree with me if you have see this before. If not here is a picture for your reference.

Wicker Chandelier

Now that you have learnt about the elements that go into a Boho home, Will you be interested in incorporating it into your home?

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If not which interior design theme do you prefer?

<strong>Manasa Bharadwaj</strong>
Manasa Bharadwaj

Manasa is the founder and principal designer, at Ambiance Design Studio.

She is also a home decor blogger, who is on a mission to help homeowners to beautify their homes with her easy home improvement tips.