Creating positive energy at home is very important for our mental health, especially when we are in the middle of a pandemic and are staying at home.

Working from home and online classes for kids has become the new normal for most of us.

Now that we all are spending most of our time at home, it kind of becomes a must to create some positive vibes at home. The positive energy at home is proven to have a great influence on our mental health.

Here are a few things that I personally follow at my home and have found them to be of great help in having calm and peaceful ambiance at my home.

7 Steps To Create Positive Energy At Home

1. Create Good Lighting

I cannot stress the importance of lighting in the interiors of any given space. A well-lit place can be warm and welcoming. A space with good ambient light can transport you to a different world.

On the contrary, a dark place or rather a space with bad lighting can make you feel dull and gloomy, sometimes it can even spook you out.

If you are still in the planning stage of your home, ask your architect to include a lot of windows and skylights wherever possible.

I was so particular about having skylight at my home, that I have ended up having them even in my closet πŸ˜› (No regrets there, I don’t have to switch on any light almost till 6 pm, even when I have to dress up)

What if you say, “I’m already living in this home, how do I improve lighting?”

Well, do not worry, I have a solution for this too πŸ™‚

The easiest way, replace your existing light fittings with bright and fancy light fixtures. I highly recommend LEDs to be used as they are environmentally friendly and long-lasting.

You can choose the light fixtures based on the theme of your home.

If possible you can get a false ceiling made and bring in a lot of new lighting options into your home.

I have a detailed article about lighting which might help you. Click below to know more:

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2. Have Good Cross Ventilation

Much as light, ventilation also plays a very important role in increasing positive energy at home.

You must have noticed when you enter a few places, you will just know that the energy or the vibe is not fine.

Most of the time, that will be because there might be no windows in that space making air circulation difficult or impossible.

Again having big windows helps in good air movement and bringing in fresh air from outside.

3. Have A Clutter Free Space

“Clutter in your physical surroundings will clutter your mind and spirit”.

This is so true. For example, have a clutter-free desk and notice how productive your day will be. This has proven to be right more than once in my case.

If I clear the kitchen sink and counter the previous night, I wake up with a sense of relief the next morning resulting in a very productive morning. If not, I wake up with this feeling of backlog and I will be so stressed all day.

So the point here is, have a clutter-free home. Now that we are at home, you might want to start decluttering one area at a time. Click below to know more:

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Dust your home every 3-4 days at least based on the amount of dust accumulation. Dusting is totally different from decluttering, get that straight.

Dust at home creates negative vibes, I’m very sure you would not want that.

4. Bring Nature Indoors

Unlike the other aspects mentioned above, this will be one of the easiest ways to create positive vibes at home.

Have as many indoor plants as possible. Nothing can cheer you as the fresh green plants do. And the joy of seeing them thrive in your home is priceless.

Few people have green fingers and plants grow so easily in their hands, and then there are people like me who will kill many plants before finally understanding the basics of nurturing them.

If you are new start with money plant and snake plant, it takes a lot of effort to kill them πŸ˜›

The other way to bring nature indoors is by having a lot of fresh flowers where ever possible. They are always welcoming and the mild fragrance from the flowers is too soothing.

5. Use Aroma Oils

There is something magical about aroma oils that will bring a pleasant smile to your face when you inhale them.

Have a beautiful aroma oil diffuser or potpourri at your foyer. You will feel positive energy the moment you enter your home.

You can even light camphor or some mild agarbatthis to get that divine feeling.

Try having a hot water bath with few drops of aroma oil in it and tell me how energetic and fresh you will feel. Lemongrass and Jasmine are my favourite.

6. Light Those Candles

Candles actually do multiple jobs for you.

Firstly, they create ambient light. Secondly, if they are scented candles, the fragrance will be delightful.

Thirdly, if they are not lit and are placed in groups of three, they act as a beautiful decor item.

And they are not expensive. Now you know why Scandinavians love candles. This a key element in creating hygge at home.

What are you waiting for, go get yourself some pretty looking candles. Click below to know more:

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7. Play Music

Music is probably underrated when it comes to creating positivity at home.

Try listening to white noise, or the bells sound, or your favorite upbeat songs, and notice how your mood changes in an instant.

If you are in a cheerful mood you will automatically spread those vibes to others in your surrounding.

So make it a habit to listening to some positive music daily.

These are some of the things that boost my mood and energy in my home. Do you know of anything else that I can add to this list? I also love to learn new things. Let me know in the comment box below.

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Take care, stay home and stay safe. This too shall pass.

<strong>Manasa Bharadwaj</strong>
Manasa Bharadwaj

Manasa is the founder and principal designer, at Ambiance Design Studio.

She is also a home decor blogger, who is on a mission to help homeowners to beautify their homes with her easy home improvement tips.