Till recently I had not heard the term Hygge. I came across it in a blogging group and casually mentioned this word to my husband. Considering how tech-savvy he is, he googled the word and ordered a book on Hygge.

Undoubtedly, one of the nicest book I have read this month. (If you ever read it, I recommend reading it in hard copy and not digital, it makes a huge difference!)

Based on this book, I read, and after a certain amount of research here is what I have learned about Hygge.

You can grab your copy here:

What is Hygge?

It is not very easy to define the word hygge in a word or a sentence.

The closest explanation would be, the feeling you get when you enjoy the simple pleasures of life. You like that feeling so much so that you will find more time to enjoy it.

For example, sipping that hot cup of coffee on a rainy evening. Or reading a book in your bed on a cold night with a warm blanket on.

It can be an anything that makes you happy, safe and warm.

Where did the word Hygge originate?

Though this word originated in Norway, it was Danes (Danish folk) who adopted and popularized the hygge lifestyle.

Danes are among the most happiest people in the world and they give major credit to Hygge for this.

Considering that major part of the year is cold and depressing in Denmark, Danes have master the art of finding ways to keep themselves happy.

Below are few things that we can learn from their lifestyle to bring hygge to our homes.

10 Tips To Hygge Your Home

1. Hyggekrog

Isn’t it a fancy word? Well ‘krog’ translates to ‘nook’ or ‘corner’.

So basically, it is that favorite corner in your home where you would like to spend your evening reading a book or drinking your hot beverage.

(If you are a Big bang theory fan, now you know why Sheldon fusses so much about his spot :P)

Hyggekrog is that comfy space with a cushion and soft lighting where you relax after a long day at work.

If you already don’t have a spot like this at your home, it is time to create one for yourself and unwind.

Cozy corner Hyggekrog

2. Candles

Candles are associated a lot with hygge. The mild fragrance of a burning candle creates a certain mood which makes us feel relaxed.

It enhances the feeling of coziness.

For me, the scent of burning candles always reminds me of summer holidays of my school days. Back in 90’s power cuts were very frequent, especially during summer.

So that feeling of nostalgic is hygge.

Apparently, Danes prefer natural candles as opposed to the scented ones.


3. Books

It is not just Danes, any Bibliophile would agree that books are hygge.

It does not matter if it is a brand new book or a very old one, the joy of holding a paper book in your hand and turning pages is priceless.

I do not connect like this with digital copy. Though I read in my kindle I always prefer hard copy.

Irrespective of how exhausted you are after a long day, reading a few pages from your favorite book can calm your mind.

Do you have a book which strikes the chord like this? I would love to add them to my reading list.

hygge books

4. Fire place

Though this might be not very apt for tropical countries, it makes a huge impact on hygge quotient at home in Scandinavian countries.

Sitting by the fire place and cold day and feeling warm is hygge for them.

(I have never experienced it, so can’t comment much about this. Although, I’m pretty sure a warm fire comforting when it is chilling cold outside.)


5. Anything made out of wood

Anything and everything that is made out of wood makes you feel connected to nature at some degree.

The joy of playing with wooden toy compared to playing with a plastic toy is definitely not the same.

Sitting on a wooden chair with soft cushion backrest by your window and watch the life go by is total bliss.

(OK, I’m really getting obsessed with this concept of sitting by the window. And craving for this wooden chair is also growing immense, hope to get one soon πŸ™‚

wooden decor

6. Ceramic items

It is just not wood that triggers the feeling of hygge, ceramic items also does the trick.

A flawless tea pot, beautiful vase or your favorite coffee mug, they all makes you feel happy when you hold them in your hand.

How many of you agree with me?

ceramic vase

7. Vintage items

Any object that has history attached to is “hyggeligt”.

It can be a cane chair you picked up in flea market and got it restored or a lamp your grandpa gave you when you were young.

These vintage items have a story to tell and take you back in time connecting you to your past. Now that is “hygge”.

vintage chair

8. Add textures to make your home more hygge

When I say texture, I’m referring to a throw on your sofa, rug or a carpet on the floor, nice warm and soft blanket on your bed.

All these items brings a sense of visual coziness to your home.

After all home is meant to be warm and welcoming right?

cozy bed

9. Cushions

You must be wondering, why I did not include cushions in the above sub heading, right?

Well according to Danes, cushions are very very important for hygge.

Have them at every possible place, your dining chair, sofa, bed, window sill, on the floor, literally everywhere.

Even if you miss one or two items from this list it OK, but don’t forget candles and cushions.

cushions in living room

10. Bring nature indoors

Being connected with nature always makes us feel warm and secure.

When you can’t go out much or if you are a city dweller where you live in a concrete jungle, it is best you try to get nature indoors.

It can be leaves, nuts, twigs etc.

Though Danes don’t emphasize much on indoor plants, maybe because of their climatic conditions. If your geographical location allows you to have indoor plants, go for it.

Plants are always full of life and positivity.

candles with twigs and leaves

After all hygge is all about enjoying small pleasures and finding comfort in it.

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<strong>Manasa Bharadwaj</strong>
Manasa Bharadwaj

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