Choosing the correct color for your interiors can create wonders. On the contrary, it can be a disaster if not selected rightly. The color palette you choose will set a tone for your home decor.

Colors are important not just from appearance aspect, they can also influence your mood and thought process.

Green, red, orange and blue paint tested with roller on a wall

Most people choose a color based on current trend or just at random without understanding the psychology behind it.

Here is a beginners guide to color psychology:

There are three main color families. Cool, Warm and Neutral. Will talk about colors which comes under these families in detail below.

1. Blue:

Blue the topmost color in the cool family of colors. It generates calmness, tranquility and a relaxing feeling. I can imagine myself sitting by the beach and experiencing all these feelings.

Blue is also believed to increase productivity.

This is one of the most versatile color and suitable for all rooms in the home. After all its not too harsh on your eyes.

Blue painted wall with chest of drawers  and book rack place on that wall.

2. Green:

Yet another color from cool family. Fresh is one word which comes to my mind when I hear the word Green. Nature is filled with so many shades of green that I’m sure most of us feel refresh when we are amidst of nature.

Since green is such a soothing color, it reduces anxiety and creates balance and harmony. It also enhances growth and wealth.

As its a very energetic color it advised to avoid lime green or yellowish green in bedrooms, as it might cause restless sleep.

Green painted wall with wooden cot with white bedspread on it.

3. Purple:

One more color from cool family of colors. Well, not everyone might be comfortable using purple paint in their interiors. When used in right proportion, this can be a very beautiful color to use.

Words like creativity, ambition, adventure, prosperity describe it better. Making it suitable for your kids room or play room.

It is also believed to create spiritual atmosphere. Probably few purple accessories in your meditation or yoga room should do the trick.

Purple painted wall in the living room with wooden sofa and coffee table.

4. Red:

Welcome to warm family. If there is one color which can express any strong emotion can it be anything other than Red?

Be it love or anger, we always associate it with red. Red can also emit passion and strength. You might just become hyper enthusiastic if you are in a room which has excess of the color red.

Red is believed to increase your blood pressure and heart rate. Making it not suitable for bedrooms.

On a brighter side it can also increase your appetite as well ๐Ÿ™‚ So lets take advantage of this character and let us paint your dining or kitchen red. You will remember reading this next time you see red in a restaurant.

Red painted walls in the dining room with white ceiling.

5. Orange:

Orange is the happiest color. Is there any other color warmer than this? Are you looking for some courage and confidence? Here is your color pick for your room.

This is also good to increase your appetite, energy and productivity. Best suited for your home office.

Bright orange cabinates in kitchen with green walls and plants all around

6. Yellow:

Yet another happy and warm color. This has almost all the characters of orange along with few in addition.

Did you know? Yellow is a memory boosting color. Also improves your patience and wisdom.

Apt for kitchen, home office and also your dark hallway.

Recommended not to use in bedrooms because of its high energetic feature.

Yellow paint behind a work station

7. Pink:

Thought still part of the warm family, it is strongly associated with brighter sex. “Oh! its a baby girl, let paint her room Pink.” , “That chick loves fuchsia” (My logo also has this color :P). Now you know what I mean right?

In reality, Pink represents compassion, playful, sweet and softer softer feeling that could be there.

And yes, it will really look good in your daughter’s room. I’m just saying.

Light pink painted walls with white poster bed, white dresser on either side of bed.

8. Black:

Lets start with the neutrals, shall we? Are you looking for some drama? Here you go, black is one color which can dramatize any given space.

It can also be mysteries and sophisticated at the same time. Black is too bold and powerful color and should be used with at most caution.

As black has the property to absorb light, it can get depressing when used in excess.

Make sure you use it only in the well lit places only.

Black painted wall in the bedroom.

9. White:

Presenting you the most versatile color ever. This is one color which can blend with any color. Believed to enhance clarity in your thinking.

Words like innocent, pure, goodness is always associated with white.

White living room with brown fabric sofa, wooden center table, white chest of drawers and planter in the corner.

If you don’t know which color to choose, just pick any color from white family and later you can accessories your home with other brighter colors. Trust me, you can not go wrong with this.

10. Grey:

The intermediate color between black and white in the neutral family is Grey. It is called as the intellectual color. If you want your little grey cells to be active use this in your study or reading room.

It is also believed to give a sense of security and reliability.

Grey painted walls with fire place.

11. Brown:

Brown is a lovely rustic color. It is one of the most commonly used colors in interiors after white. This gives a very earthy feel to your home. Apparently, a very friendly color too .

Brown painted walls with hats on it as wall decor.

Now that you know the characters of each color, let me know which is your top pick for your bedroom. I’m just a little curious to hear from you.

<strong>Manasa Bharadwaj</strong>
Manasa Bharadwaj

Manasa is the founder and principal designer, at Ambiance Design Studio.

She is also a home decor blogger, who is on a mission to help homeowners to beautify their homes with her easy home improvement tips.