According to a survey, bathroom is one of the most neglected areas of a home, especially at the designing stage.

Most often than not, one will regret not giving its due importance at designing phase as it is very difficult to fix or rectify few mistakes.

This post might help you, if you are still at designing stage of your bathroom.

Don’t worry if you already have a ready bathroom, and you are looking to increase some storage space. I have got it covered ๐Ÿ™‚


Most of the time, when you buy a home, the bathroom layouts are predefined.

And nothing’s wrong with it, I’m quite confident that the positions are not random.

I will be talking about how to create storage with the existing bathroom layouts.

Let us quickly understand the basic layout of any given bathroom.

We have a wet and dry area. The wet area is your shower area and the dry area includes both washbasin and western commode (WC).

Here are some creative bathroom storage ideas for your benefit:

Different types of storage in bathroom

1. Storage behind and around mirror

Having storage near mirror in your bathroom is very important from a utility point of view.

You can have it either behind the mirror or around the mirror, based on space availability.

Storage behind and around mirror in bathroom

In the above picture we can see a beautiful blend of storage both behind and around mirror.

Items which you use most frequently can be placed on the open shelves and other items which are not used on day to day basis can be stored behind mirror.

I really love the idea of having small open shelf below mirror, it not only looks cute, but also protects items from water. And yet, very easily accessible.

2. Storage below wash basin

It is quite normal if you are having second thoughts about having storage units below the washbasin.

This could be for couple of reasons:

-The absence of defined wet and dry area in your bathroom.

-You might not have a bottle trap for your wash basin.

-The very thought of water leakages in future might scare you.

-Selection of right material for your storage might be challenging.

If you just said yes to one or more of the above points, don’t worry I have answers to all of them.

-If you are scared of water touching the storage unit, make it a floating unit. Leaving a gap of about 8-10 inches between floor and storage unit will do the trick.

-What if you have a pedestal wash basin? The image below will solve your problem:

-Scared of the water leakage problem? Are you not sure about which is the best-suited material to use for bathroom storage?

Wood-plastic composites should be your go to material.

You can even have some good organizers like in the picture below.

This post contains a link to the amazon affiliate program. As an amazon associate, I earn a small commission on qualified purchases.

3. Bathroom storage above western commode (WC)

Unless you have a window above your WC, this is a very good place for creating some sleek bathroom storage units.

Having ledges or shelves is the most common way of using this space:

Bathroom with storage above western commode

Having a fancy ladder is kind of unique and elegant. And just put plants on it, your ambiance gets elevated to the next level ๐Ÿ™‚

Ladder storage above western commode in bathroom

Just in case you do not have a concealed flush tank and you have a bulky external flush tank.

You can use it to your advantage by creating much bigger storage units like in the image below.

This particular unit is up-cycled from wicker baskets. Isn’t it a cool idea?

Box type storage above western commode in bathroom

4. Storage on the side panel of wash basin unit

This is such a wonderful way of protecting tissue rolls from water.

Keeping this unit open is practical as opposed to having a shutter on it.

5. Bathroom storage in the form of niches

If you are at a construction phase, this is the best option for you.

As niches are storage within the wall, there is no projection outside.

Which makes it easy on maintenance and safe from any kind of bathroom accidents.

Above all, they look very cool and lavish if designed well.

Other than these, you can always buy the ready to fix units which are widely available everywhere.

I found these interesting ones on amazon:

Which of the above-mentioned bathroom storage unit did you like the most?

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