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Considering our current situation where we are spending most of our time at home, invariably we all have resorted to Netflix or Amazon Prime for entertainment.

This triggered me to write a blog post on few shows that can actually be very useful and informative if you like watching interior design shows like me.

These shows will definitely inspire you to decorate your home.

1. Interior Design Masters

Netflix's Interior design masters

In this British show 10 contestants from various parts of UK compete with each other to land themselves a contract with top UK hotel.

They have to not only impress judges but also the owners of homes and commercial properties that they design.

I so loved this show for its fast pace and something to learn in each episodes.

This makeover reality show will keep you glued till you find out who the winner of the competition is.

2. Stay Here

If you are someone who loves both traveling and designing you definitely don’t want to miss this show.

Netfilx show Stay here

This is my favorite show out of the five shows in this blog. Btw if you didn’t know I’m both a travel blogger and a design blogger.

And you can read all about my travel here.

‘Stay here’ features some of the potential rental homes which are not doing great in the rental business and gives a complete makeover to those properties.

Along with design makeover our hosts will also teach the rental home owners how to make profits and run their business successfully.

Seeing these rental properties transform into some of the most beautiful locations in the world was a very delightful experience.

3. The Great Interior Design Challenge

In this British reality show 24 amateur interior designers compete to win the great interior design challenge.

Netflix show the great interior design challenge

These contestants are grouped into groups of three. Winners of each group will enter the quarter finals. From this finally emerges a winner.

Best part about this show was along with interiors, they showcase a lot of architectural history.

The insight we get to the British architecture is phenomenal.

4. Tidying Up With Marie Kondo

This show opened my eyes towards minimalism.

If you are someone who is frustrated with the amount of clutter at your home, this is the show that you should watch.

Netflix show Tidying up with Marie Kondo

Marie Kondo, a Japanese organizing consultant hosts this show. She teaches the homeowners how to let go of the things if it does not spark joy to you anymore.

She is the author of the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. In this book, he talks about tackling different challenges faced while decluttering and how to overcome them.

Grab your copy by clicking on the image below.

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After watching this show, I’m pretty sure you will be inspired to declutter your home.

Learn how to declutter your home without getting overwhelmed.

5. Restaurants On The Edge

An amazing show which cover travel, food and designing.

Three hosts of this show are industry experts from Hotel, Designing and Marketing.

They tackle the problems faced by the restaurants which are on the edge of closing down.

While the Designer explores the city in which the restaurant is located to source the art and artifacts. Chef explores the local farmer markets to source food produces.

Marketing expert does the re branding and emphasis the importance of digital marketing and social media presence.

Watching these shows over the news channels has kept me sane to a large extent during these difficult times. I hope this will be of some welcome distraction to you as well.

PS: I just started watching “Dream Home Makeover”. Will update you guys how I like it.

Other than these interior design shows, which is your current favorite on Netflix? I would love to add them to my watch list.

<strong>Manasa Bharadwaj</strong>
Manasa Bharadwaj

Manasa is the founder and principal designer, at Ambiance Design Studio.

She is also a home decor blogger, who is on a mission to help homeowners to beautify their homes with her easy home improvement tips.