Considering the current situation where we are at home most of the time, our home is playing multiple roles. From being our office to gym it has become our multi functional home.

Since we might be in this situation for few more months at least, it would be a good idea to define each space and design them in the most practical way possible.

Study table with notice board on how to have a multi functional home

1. Make space for your home office

Working from home is the new normal now. Most of us have to sit in front of our systems for very long hours. It kind of becomes very important that you do not ignore the importance of sitting in the right posture.

I have an exclusive blog talking about all the information needed before you design your home office.

“How to design your own home office”

How to design home office

2. Decorate your balcony

You probably had this in your to do list for a very long time and you could never find time. Am I right?

Now that you are saving a lot of time by not commuting to office, why not put that to some good use by decorating your balcony and making it your favorite hangout space at your home?

Balcony can be put to many use.

13 Attractive Ways To Decorate Your Tiny Balcony

How to design small balcony

3. Set up your home theater room

Malls are closed, multiplexes and movie halls are not opening anytime soon. Amazon prime and Netflix are coming up with some amazing original content every day.

You better have a good home theater room set up soon to entertain yourself.

You can learn all the details about setting up a home theater room here.

Watch this video to learn all the technicalities about setting up your home theater.

And, btw if you like to binge watch some home improvement shows, here is my recommendation:

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4. Have an exclusive bar area

We are in the middle of a pandemic, public gathering is mostly restricted. And I doubt if there are any pubs operational.

You don’t you have a dedicated bar area at your home? After all every body is talking about stay home and stay safe ๐Ÿ™‚

“Unique bar unit designs for your home”

How to design bar at home

5. Organize your kids bedroom

You should probably think about doing this soon after you set up your home office.

Kids are at home all the time now, they better have some organized place for themselves.

With so much of online learning happening, they will also need some decluttered space to concentrate better.

“Most practical ways to organize your kids’ bedroom”

6. Time to have a home gym

Just because you are not stepping out that does not mean you should stop working out.

You can have a space dedicated for your workout. Make it a part of your routine. Stay fit.

“How to set up your home gym”

Now you might ask me “what to do if I do not have so much space in my house to make it a multi-functional home?”

Which is a very valid question.

When I say have a dedicated home office, gym, bar and home theater, it is not necessary that you should have a separate room for all of it, right?

One room can house all these four, it can be your gym early in the morning, office by the day, bar cum home theater by evening. Wouldn’t it be awesome?!

Tips to have a multi functional home

What are the other challenges that you are facing by staying at home all the time? Is there any topic that you would want me to write about?

Please leave a note in the comments below, I will surely address it. Looking forward to hear from you.