Foyer is the place for you to create that awesome first impression as someone enters your home.

It is the place that sets the mood or tone in terms of interiors for the rest of the house.

In order for you to have a very welcoming entrance, I have made a list of few elements which will glam up this place.

I will also show you few interesting designs which you can use as inspiration to decorate your foyer.

So let us get into the details and learn how to style your foyer like a professional interior designer.

Elements of a great foyer

1. A console table

When I say console table, I’m not referring to just a table, it can be any form of countertop that we can use to display a few items. (Will talk about these items in a bit).

This can be the top of your shoe rack, a small ledge, chest of drawers, or the actual console table.

2. Space to sit

Every foyer should have a place to sit. Space to accommodate at least one person.

It is very challenging to wear your foot wear without sitting you see πŸ˜›

Also you might not want everyone who enters your home to come into your living room right?

This can act as a waiting area as well.

3. Add a basket and a coat holder

Depending on which part of the world you are, you can decide whether to have a basket or a coat holder or neither of them.

If you are from a cold country where wearing a coat is a necessity, you might want to add a very aesthetically appealing coat holder at your entry way.

This will make it easy for you to grab your coat on your way out, and you also have a dedicated place for your coats.

If you are from tropical countries, where you might use umbrella more frequently to protect yourself from both sun and rain, a waterproof basket will do the trick.

And if you someone like me who prefers keeping everything hidden behind doors, you can choose to not have any of these two.

4. Wall decor or mirror

This is something which will elevate your foyer to next level.

You can decide on the type of the mirror based on the interior concept of the entire house.

Mirrors are one of the most pocket friendly ways to glam up any given space.

Besides having a mirror at foyer will help you in being 100% sure of how presentable you are while heading out. This is so important to me you know πŸ˜›

If you are an art lover, you can always have a wonderful piece of painting displayed here. Trust me they will look gorgeous.

5. Artifacts and plants

Remember the space on the countertop I was talking about earlier? Let’s add some elements to it.

My first pick is always to add some plants. They bring in so much of life and color.

Along with it, you can add candles, potpourris with some essential oil (nice perfumes are always welcoming!), some collectibles from your travel.

Now that you know what are the elements that you should have at your entry way, lets see some pictures for inspiration.

11 Inspiring Foyer Designs

1. Indian ethnic foyer

Foyer designed in Indian ethnic concept where we can see a wooden chest of drawers, shoe rack, niches and mirror.

This is a picture from one of my residential interior designing project which was done years ago.

This foyer has almost all the elements of a perfect foyer.

There is this antique chest of drawer which provides a lot of storage. And its counter top is so ideal to display a model ship which is one of my client’s priced possession.

Niches on the wall are so well crafted to place brass artifacts. The tall unit is exclusively for footwear. And then there is a place to sit for one person.

And not to forget the mirror which blends with the concept of Indian ethnic interiors.

You can see more pictures from this project here.

2. Farm house foyer

Wooden seating with cane side table with the paneled back wall at the entrance of a farm house

In this farm house the entrance is treated a bit differently. They have given importance for having a larger seating area.

There is a small ledge above the seating which houses artifacts and plants adding dimension to the space.

3. Scandinavian entrance

White tall cabinets with seating in between them at the foyer of a Scandinavian home

This house has a very detailed storage cabinets and couple of drawers to store footwear, umbrella, coats, bags etc,.

The seating is so well integrated into the entire unit and is made to look as part of the cabinets.

The brown rug not only contrasts with the wall color but also will not highlight any dirt.

You can learn all about Scandi theme in the below mentioned article.

“How to adopt a Scandinavian interior theme to your home”

4. Simplicity in wood

Wooden cabinets with wall panel and mirror

In a contemporary apartment where there is a little scarcity of space, this foyer has a very simply shoe rack which is suspended from the wall and gives an illusion of being light.

The use of half wall panel and half customized mirror again make the place to appear lighter.

A single hanging light add in a new element to this space.

5. DIY at foyer

DIY bench at foyer

When you have a big porch and want to give it a personal touch, you can get creative by taking up a DIY project to do a simple bench like this.

Place a few plants and a decor on the wall, voila you have made it absolutely welcoming πŸ™‚

6. Storage cum partition at foyer

rafters cum storage at foyer

Sometimes functionality takes an upper hand and it kind of becomes necessary to tackle functionality before glamour.

In this above picture we can see how well the storage is designed with vertical rafters to give privacy to the rest of the house.

7. Go the minimalist way

Huge round mirror with ledge at the entrance of a house.

Simple is elegant. When you have absolutely no space for any kind of storage, just add a mirror and a sleek shelf at your foyer.

Isn’t this entrance so elegant?

8. Narrow entry way

Shoe rack at a narrow foyer

When your foyer is narrow and long, having a storage unit with lesser depth is very practical. Also having stand-alone legs for the storage unit make it look like a suspended unit.

Having a wooden false ceiling only above the empty space on the floor gives a sense of flow in the design.

9. Shoe rack at foyer

3 step shoe rack at foyer

A simple and neat three tier shoe rack with seating with an elegant mirror.

10. Niche seating

Now this a unique way of introducing seating into storage cabinets.

There are drawers, storage unit, seating, ledges for decor and a beautiful wallpaper too.

11. Glam it up with gold

Golden cnc cutting partition at foyer with accented chairs and niches on the wall

Now that is how you glam it up with gold! There is very subtle privacy yet a visibly defined foyer pace in other wise a open space.

And this is how I have styled my foyer.

I would love to see pictures of your foyer too. You can post them on Instagram and tag me Ambiance_Design_Studio

<strong>Manasa Bharadwaj</strong>
Manasa Bharadwaj

Manasa is the founder and principal designer, at Ambiance Design Studio.

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