There are few things which can make or break the ambiance of any given space. Lighting is definitely one of them.

Especially when you are dealing with smaller space it becomes even more important to have the right kind of lighting.

To begin with, let me brief you about different types of lights:

1. General light:

This is your main light which is bright enough to light up every corner of the room and you can see everything in the room without straining your eyes.

White bedroom with general light in the ceiling

2. Task Light:

Like the name suggests, this light is used to perform a specific task. Eg: Light at your desk, light on your bedside table, light above your dresser etc

Lamp on the study table acting as task light

3. Ambient or mood light:

This is most of the time defused light which creates an all together different ambient feel to your room.

Ambient light in bedroom

Now that you know what are the different types of lights, let me take about how to use them in your small room to make it look brighter.

1. Choose the right light tone:

According to me, this is one of the most important aspect to keep in mind.

There are basically two tones in lighting. Warm and cool.

Warm light is nothing but your yellow light. It is very pleasant on your eyes and creates a relaxing atmosphere in the room. Highly recommended for bedrooms.

Warm light

Cool light is the blue light. This is bright and meant to use while performing tasks. Best suited for kitchen and living area.

2. Have multiple sources of lights:

We are dealing with small room, so its better to have different layers or sources of lights rather than one single light for entire room.

Most of the time its a misconception that its a small room, so one light is enough.

Having different lights like one on the ceiling, one on the bedside and one for ambient feel, gives you control over the light intensity, instead of always having one bright light.

Also having lights at different heights at the room enhances the beauty of the room.

Think about it, it makes so much sense to me.

Multiple light source

3. Have a sconce at your bedside:

This will clear up your space on bedside table and also acts as a wall decor. There are few amazing looking ones available in the market for all kind of themes.

Having a movable sconces is even better. This can also act as your ambient light.

sconce light

4. Have a small chandelier:

Selecting a small and airy chandelier can act as a focal point to your small room.

A open lantern, lights with bamboo shade suits the need.

You can even pick something with crystal or any reflecting material as they will emit more light even though its a small piece.

Chandelier in bedroom

5. Have a floor lamp:

Having floor lamp with extended head in a corner acts as a beautiful decor to your small room. They wont even take up a lot of space.

Since they are tall lights, they give an optical illusion that the room is bigger.

Floor lamp

6. Have ceiling mount lights:

If you decide not to go with chandelier, select a ceiling flush light with some attractive shape. Since they are not projecting out of the ceiling you will not feel the room to be small.

Ceiling light

7. Have textured light or a screen around your light:

Having a texture or screen around your light creates a softness to the room making it appear cozy.

Fabrics like linen can create wonders.

Light with shade

There is a saying that having right kind of light can improve your quality of life.

Hope this blog helps you in achieving it. As always happy to hear your comments.

Study table with lamp
<strong>Manasa Bharadwaj</strong>
Manasa Bharadwaj

Manasa is the founder and principal designer, at Ambiance Design Studio.

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