With growing exposure and purchasing power, having a bar unit at home is kind of becoming a new normal.

According to the dictionary, bar means “a counter in a pub, restaurant, or cafe across which drinks or refreshments are served.”

Let us see how we can bring this into our homes.

A bar unit should typically consist of a counter (to serve the drinks), storage and/or display space for bottles and serving glasses, and a fridge.

15 bar unit designs for your inspiration

1. Modular or Compact bar unit

For all of you who have a space constraint at your home to have an elaborate bar area, here is a super cool modular bar which not only looks elegant but also fulfills the purpose of a bar.

Modular bar unit design for small spaces like studio apartments.

2. Crockery cum bar unit

When you have some space in your dining area, instead of having just a crockery unit, have a crockery cum bar unit.

Both these go hand in hand and looks elegant too. In the below picture you can see how nicely they are blended.

If the unit is wide enough you can even keep a coffee maker or a juicer here on the counter.

The back lit lights simply glam up the unit to a next level.

The closed storage unit below the counter gives some kind of privacy to hide items that you would not like to put on display.

Crockery cum bar unit design

3. Bar cum partition

When you want to create a partition between living and dining instead of just making it a partition, incorporate a bar into it.

Partition cum bar

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4. Rustic bar unit

For the rustic lover in you, here is a unit designed just for you.

The wall mount bottle storage unit is so sleek and handy.

Up-cycled wooden counter gives room for one person to stand inside and mix your favorite drink.

If you have the right tools, you easily take this up as your next DIY project.

I have a list of other DIY home decor projects listed in the below article for you.

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5. Wall mount bar

This super sleek bar can be accommodated anywhere in your house.

All you need is max 7″ depth to place your bottles and glasses. You can decide the length and width based on your space availability.

One of the most easily accessible type of bar unit I would say.

Wall mounted bar

6. Golden bar unit

Are you a fan of luxury and glamour? Have your bar unit with a tinge of golden touch to it.

The brass rod with golden powder coat builds a lovely frame for the wall unit, while the glass shelves make it light on the eye.

Extending the golden element into the base unit gives a very cohesive look to the entire unit.

Golden bar unit

7. Traditional bar

If your house is designed to welcome a solid wood traditional bar, oh boy! You have made a place for this beauty to fit in just right!

This also has a place for a small handy sink, horizontal wine rack, and a mini fridge too. Isn’t that all you want?!

Traditional wooden bar with sink and mini fridge

8. Trolley bar

Oh, look at this cutie. Show it off in front of your guests. She is indeed a trophy.

More so, a serving unit than a actual bar, this very unique piece of furniture to own.

Trolley to serve drinks

9. Bar in barrel

Who says only Pirates of the Caribbean stored their drinks in barrels? You can also have one for yourself, if you wish to have 😛

Bar in barrel

10. Smart storage bar

I would call this a multipurpose unit. This acts as a console table, storage cum bar unit.

Though so small in size, it is so nicely designed with space for everything related to a bar.

Console table with Bar

11. Entertainment room with bar

Let us say you have a dedicated room to create your own man cave, go all-in and have an entertainment room with bar.

This can have a pool table, high end music system, projector, bar and what not?!

Here are some tips to design your man cave.

Man cave with pool table and fire place

12. The one with TV

Meant exclusively for the sports fans, your favorite match just got even more interesting with friends around and a drink in hand.

That counter top is so elegant.

13. Circular bar

Something about this just reminded me of Vegas. Maybe it is something I saw in the movies Oceans eleven or Hangover, I don’t remember.

Anyways, this circular bar if best suited if you have a separate family area with bigger space availability.

Circular bar

14. Below the staircase bar

That dead space below the stairs can be put to great use when treated well, like in this picture below:

15. Bar in a niche

This holds good if you have some kind of niche available at your home:

Bar in a niche

Did you find this post useful? Are you overwhelmed with so many options and want an expert to custom design it for you? Hire me to design it for you and you will have a unique bar designed exclusively for you.

Do you already have a bar unit? Share some pictures, I would love to see them. Also, what was your overall thought about this article, do let me know in the comments box below.

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