For most of the city dwellers, having a spacious bedroom is a luxury, and having a decent sized balcony is ultra-luxury.

I have come to believe that making the most of what we have, is a secret to happiness.

What if we do not have a spacious balcony? Let’s get creative and decorate our small balconies!

Here is a list of 13 most attractive and innovative designs to implement in your small balcony.

Small balcony designs

1. Balcony design for your tea time

Small balcony with two cane arm chairs with wooden round table. Artificial grass on the floor

Like in the picture above, you can have your flooring covered with artificial grass. This gives you the feeling of being amidst nature and the texture of grass to your feet makes you think you are in a park.

There are a various different types of flooring options available for balcony.

“12 outdoor flooring options”

The use of big cane arm chairs ensures you are seating comfortably.

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The wooden round foldable center table is just perfect to place your tea mugs and enjoy your evening.

Small planter box with flowers can add more life to this space.

2. Niches on the walls

Niches on the side walls of the balcony with movable seating

For those of you who have a huge sliding doors to your balcony and not much space to create a seating as such, you can consider converting one of your side walls as a niche wall.

You can have a slight projection of 4-6 inches with good spot lights in each of those niches.

This could be a place to display your plant collection or weatherproof artifacts.

Having movable stools gives you an option to sit and enjoy your collection.

3. Study in balcony

Study table with chair in a closed balcony space

What better place then your balcony to sit and study?

I so love this design in the picture above. It has been designed with so many elements in mind.

First of all, this place looks so quiet and private which is much needed for a study room.

The UPVC windows make it soundproof yet bringing in a lot of light. The use of white brick cladding gives an illusion of bigger space though, in reality, it is very small.

White sleek table and chair complement each other and makes it look so modern.

Providing multiple drawers and overhead book rack creates more than enough storage space.

Wooden flooring, though technically they are ceramic tiles, gives you the feeling of being indoor.

Isn’t it just a perfect study room?

4. Zen Balcony

Zen balcony with pebbles and swing and bamboo

Have you been longing for a swing? Zen elements? Here you go:

The use of pebbles just at the corners and the rightful use of bamboo on the walls gives a beautiful zen feature to this small balcony.

When you sit on the swing your feet touch the pebbles making you feel one with nature.

Planters add both color and texture. Have some soothing music playing in the background and voila! You have your zen space!

If you are interested to learn more about zen space, I have an article written about that here:

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5. Colorful balcony

Colorful plants on the balcony wall

This balcony has a wide sliding door, wooden flooring with pebbles like in the zen balcony, yet this looks completely different from that.

What is the one element that makes it look so different from the zen balcony?

It is the way colors are used, so bright and peppy. So much full of life. So vibrant.

The mood is just joyful. The use of bright yellow with floral print fabric is the focal point here.

3 by 4 hanging pots elevates this space to whole new level.

Use of white net above the railing keeps away the birds.

6. Balcony for the book lovers

Balcony with a book rack and hanging cane chair

Like George R.R. Martin says, “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies”!

A book rack filled with your favorite books and a hanging cane chair and a hot cup of coffee, what else is needed for a happy life πŸ™‚

Ok, I sound too dramatic here. But still, look at this picture, I can sit here all day reading.

Use of neutral colors are so elegant and pleasant to the eyes, aren’t they.

7. Planter wall

Planter wall

Do you love plants? Have them placed in a very elegant and attractive fashion like shown here.

There is space for you wider planter boxes to grown your herbs, plant holders to hang few plants on the wall, there are few hanging from the ceiling as well.

Having a small picket fence and placing plants within that makes the rest of the balcony look so clean and flawless.

8. Bed in balcony

Bed in balcony

As strange it may sound, it is still possible to have a bed in your balcony.

It has been proven for you in this picture.

As far as you have the windows to protect you from rain water, blinds to avoid that excess sun, you can always consider this option.

You can also notice a smart convert able table which can be your dining table or study table based on your need.

9. Lets bring in the park to your balcony

Park theme balcony

After converting your balcony into a bedroom, its now time to make it look like a park πŸ™‚

From the clever use of rustic wooden board flooring to a cast-iron canopy on the ceiling, this balcony has all the features of a welcoming park.

Latin American iron lights looks so well blended with the theme.

Foldable wooden table and chairs are just perfect for a candlelight dinner.

10. Work from Balcony

work station at small balcony

When work from home is the new norm, let us modify it a little and let us make it work from balcony.

Working with in the four walls of a room can get really boring at times.

This set up gives you an opportunity to get out of the house a little while still being indoors.

“Things to remember while designing your home office”

11. Balcony for a relaxed evening

simple chair and table in balcony

Enjoy your evening from your high raised balcony with this kind of elegant set up.

Huge windows lets in the nature or the view to get indoor to its fullest.

12. Cozy hangout

Cozy balcony

This balcony screams out all things girly to me. From the use of soft cushions to strip lights on the wall, it is all so cute.

Planning for your girls night out? You can hangout here all you want.

You even have have small ledge to keep your drinks and snacks.

13. Indoor blacony

Indoor balcony

You can always make your balcony become part of your home by removing the doors and walls which separate them.

In the picture above, you can see a dining extending into balcony. Balcony also has serving counter with stools.

Curvy seating make it very casual where you can enjoy both indoor and outdoor space.

Small balcony ideas

So, what do you think of these designs? Will it be useful for you? Did I miss out on any other idea?

As always happy to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

<strong>Manasa Bharadwaj</strong>
Manasa Bharadwaj

Manasa is the founder and principal designer, at Ambiance Design Studio.

She is also a home decor blogger, who is on a mission to help homeowners to beautify their homes with her easy home improvement tips.