During these times of home quarantine, we all wonder what to do during our free time. So I thought why not beautify our homes a little with these DIY home decor ideas.

We don’t have the opportunity to go out and shop those fancy looking home decor items. So lets do them at home by ourselves.

Here is a list of DIY items that I thought you might like to try it out.

11 unique DIY home decor ideas

1. Plant hangers from t-shirt yarn

I’m quite confident that you will have min 1 t-shirt in your closet which you haven’t used in years. Well, now is the time to put that to best use.

You can make a very practical plant hanger from this. It will not take you more than 30 mins to make it. Any all you need is a t-shirt, hook screw, measuring tape, and scissors.

Click here for a detailed step by step instruction to do it.

Three pots hanged with plant hanger made with t-shitrt yarn
Image source: Brit.co

2. Candle art

This used to by my favorite DIY project every summer during my school days. There are n number of options you can try when it comes to candle art.

From using something as simple as a balloon to create an artistic candle or upcycling your old wine glass the ideas are literally infinite.

The author of the blog post that I have linked here has done a great job of compiling it for us. She has also written about how to make multiple types of candles. You will find it here.

Old soda bottles recycled to be a candle holder
Image source youandkids.com

3. Stitch your curtains

Are you bored with your plain curtains? Let’s give it a facelift. Let’s make it a little bit fairy with this ruffle curtain idea. I think it is best suited for your kid’s bedroom.

This might be little advance DIY project, but nothing wrong in giving it a try if you have a nack for stitching.

I have never tried stitching in my life, should give it a try sometime.

Here is a detailed post with complete instructions to stitch your own ruffle curtain.

Ruffle curtain
Image source Pinterest

4. Window decorators

We all have those boring windows which we always wanted to do something to make them attractive. Here is a simple way to make it look fun and colorful.

This need not be a fixed structure, you can have it or remove it based on your mood.

Click here for a detailed blog post on how to make it.

White window with colorful pots. Window is decorated with home made ribbon hangers.
Image source onemamasdailydrama.com

5. Round button cushion

Oh! I have been a huge fan of cushions for a very longtime. I feel cushions give that sense of coziness to any space.

Especially if the cushion is made out of velvet fabric, it looks rich and feels soft at the same time.

Are you also a cushion fan like me? Do you want to make one for yourself?

You can learn it here.

Peach color round velvet cushion on dark blue sofa. Wall behind has small plant holder with indoor plants.
Image source collectivegen.com

6. Shell Mirrors

Remember the shells you collected when you were strolling on the beach? The ones which are just lying somewhere in the house? Its time to put them into some good use now.

All you need is a mirror, shells, and glue. And by the end of it, you will have a well-decorated mirror. And, it’s fully customized for you, by you πŸ™‚

You can learn how to make it here.

Mirror with sea shells as its frame
Image source shineyourlightblog.com

7. Basket wall decor

Have you ever wondered how to get a boho look without doing much changes to your interior? This basket wall decor is a classic boho decor.

So easy to make, yet it changes the entire look and feel of your interiors.

I would love to see a picture, if you ever try this at home.

Want to know more about it? Click here.

A lot of can baskets on the wall as wall decor.
Image source rusticpallet

8. Mason Jar lights

These lights look so pretty, aren’t they? The options you can come up with this is infinite. You can use your creative brain and come up with your own design.

Whatever you do, you will still end up having a beautiful outcome.

You can learn around 25 different ways of doing it here.

mason jar converted into beautiful light
Image source apieceofrainbow.com

9. Tassel wall hanging

I did not know much about this art form till recently. I was amazed by the simplicity of it. How with just twine and threads we can create these tassels is just amazing.

You can know more from the expert here.

tassel wall hangings
Image source honestlywtf.com

10. Polka dots wall

Lets have a play date with paint. Shall we? Get your little ones to help you out and have some fun while doing it.

An ordinary plain wall can be transformed so dramatically with just paint and sponge.

Your tutorial to paint your polka dots is here.

pink DIY polka dots on a white wall.
Image source ohohdeco.com

11. Stencil wall painting

Since we were talking about painting, if not for polka dots, you can create your own stencils and paint them on your wall.

Its as easy as it sounds. Learn more about it here.

Grey wall with DIY stencil painting with keyboard in the front
Image source abeautifulmess.com

Did you find this collective DIY home decor items interesting? Will you try any of these? If you do, don’t forget to share it on Instagram and tag me. I’m really waiting to see what you create.

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<strong>Manasa Bharadwaj</strong>
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